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STEM Lab News

Our kindergarten students explored their senses in the STEM Lab this week using their scientific skills to identify a variety of scents.  Ms. Hobgood selected the scents and placed them in dark containers.  The students successfully identified the scents of garlic, vanilla, cinnamon, and vinegar. 

The first grade students are learning about the seasons and weather.  This week the students were introduced to the terms meteorologist and anemometer.  They will use the Engineering Design Process next week to begin planning and creating their own anemometers.  The students will use cups, pencils, and straws to create their anemometers. 

Our second grade students are learning about the three types of matter.  In the STEM Lab the students were able to identify all 3 types.  They also used an Alka-Seltzer tablet to model how matter is able to change physical states. 


The third grade students have been busy learning to identify different scientific tools and how they will be used in experiments.  The students successfully used a balance scale, tweezers, hand lens, and a microscope during their time in the STEM lab.  The children designed and created their own insulated hand gloves.  The students were able to design the glove using cotton balls, foam cups, duct tape, and a foam board.  The students were then able to test out their designs in a bucket of ice water, while making improvements and retesting their design as needed.

Our fourth grade students have begun designing and constructing a model of their choice. They are using straws, paper clips, and tape to design their structure.  The students are learning to collaborate with each other to decide on the best idea for their model.  The students are learning how important the creation of models are in assisting engineers during their design process.

 The fifth grade students are learning about the different landforms of Nepal and the problems that the people may experience because of the differences.  We are reading the book Suman Crosses the Karnali River.  It is about a boy whose village has a river running through it.  The boys’ “Ajee” (grandmother) is ill, and in order to get medical attention needs to cross the river.  The fifth grade students are learning how geotechnical engineers use their knowledge of the earth to design and build structures such as bridges, which are structurally sound and safe for people to use.

 Ms. Sadler’s class successfully engineered their own planter models using cardboard, sticks, pine straw, and other recyclable materials. The students then tested their designs to see which one would hold the most dirt. The students have also been testing different soils and learning about soil composition.  Ms. Sadler also utilized our 3D printer to help her class print a predesigned fidget toy.  

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